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Photo of, from left to right, Casey Carro, Kathryn Ivanov and Zelda Cole at WoUHE’s first-ever hosted event, Valotine, where gamers could come to celebrate Valentines Day with their Duo.
Women of UHEsports are creating a safe haven for female gamers
Nevan-Isaiah Pak, Staff • May 6, 2024

Zelda “Jellyzelly” Cole and her team were met with a hail of bullets and cut off at every turn. The in-game leader of the Women of UHEsports’ Valorant team, already down six games to one, knows this game is lost, too, but she still won't let her teammates give up. Over her headset, she calls out Camille...

Red ‘i‘iwi bird with hooked beak sits on a branch in a green, tropical environment in Hawaii. Courtesy of Jack Jeffrey, USFWS.
New Mosquito Control Strategy Offers Hope for the Hawaiian Honeycreepers
Aishwarya Behl, Staff • May 7, 2024

Birds, Not Mosquitoes, a coalition of over a dozen federal and state conservation partners, including the Kauaʻi and Maui Forest Bird Recovery Projects, have been using a method called the incompatible insect technique to protect forest birds. The recent...

Conceptual renderings of the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District, courtesy of Crawford Architects.
The New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District to open doors in 2028
Kaihehau Goo, Contributor • December 31, 2023

The original Aloha Stadium was closed in 2020, forcing the UH football team to its on-campus field at the Clarence T.C. Ching Athletic Complex....

Big wave surfer Greg Long demonstrates how to tie a tourniquet using a surf leash and water bottle.
Riding the Waves of Safety: Highlights from the 2023 Big Wave Risk Assessment Surf Responder Summit
Justin Gardner, Contributor • December 15, 2023

The North Shore of Oahu recently hosted a gathering of big-wave surfers, safety experts and ocean enthusiasts for the 2023 Big Wave Risk Assessment...

Brian McInnis wrote sports stories for the Star-Advertiser for more than a decade. He shared those experiences with the Jour 323 Sports Media class this Fall.
McInnis returns to UH Mānoa to share what he's learned
Colby Duncan, Contributor • December 13, 2023

Life has a special way of coming full circle at times. For Brian McInnis, one of those moments came when he spoke in front of a University of...

Kānewai workers Kamahaʻo (left) and Kaiona (right) teach their group of volunteers about the moʻolelo, story, of Kānewai. They discuss Hawaiian akuas, gods, and answer questions from the volunteers inside the Hale Waʻa, house of the canoe.
Is it Time for Native Hawaiian Students to Get Tuition Waivers?
Kalawaiʻa Nunies, Staff • May 7, 2024

Receiving higher education at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa may not be within reach for too many Native Hawaiian students, and with some...

Team unity is an under-appreciated part of football.
What it means to be a Rainbow Warrior
Julia McFarland, Contributor • February 12, 2024
Big Duos EP 5: NECC has some west side bangahs on the throne
Tanner Haworth and Nevan-Isaiah Pak May 2, 2024

As the school year comes to an end and all the sports and esports on UH Mānoa campus are coming to an end, champions have been crowned and new...

Big Duos EP 4: Mobile games the next rising stars of esports
Nevan-Isaiah Pak and Tanner Haworth May 2, 2024

This episode of the Big Duos recaps the playoff runs of UH Athletic and UHEsports teams as most of the sports on campus wrap up with the end...

Big Duos EP 3: What it's like to cover sports in the middle of the ocean
Nevan-Isaiah Pak and Tanner Haworth May 2, 2024

This episode of the Big Duos Pod has the guys talking about being a first timer in Hawai'i with Hawai'i Sports Radio Network (HSRN) reporter...

Sound Bath on Earth Day at Ala Moana Beach Park
Kelly O'Leary, Contributor • May 4, 2024

Kaori Isomura, owner of Sound Healing Hawaiʻi, and Tsutomu Nakai, leader of Dragon Beat Hawaiʻi, collaborated to make the event come to life.

Rally for our Reefs: Oʻahu's coral reefs need you
Flynn Hamlin, Contributor • May 3, 2024

Coral reefs are extremely important to life in Hawaiʻi. They provide habitat for marine organisms, boost the local economy, and are crucially important to...

O'ahu Esports League spreads goodwill nationally
Nevan-Isaiah Pak, Staff • April 29, 2024

The underlying connection between $1.2 million in profit, children playing video games and addressing cyberbullying has become: Vanta Esports. More...