BURN45 is a high-intensity interval training designed to boost metabolism, burn fat, build lean muscle and sculpt. Photo courtesy of Burn Collective.
BURN45 is a high-intensity interval training designed to boost metabolism, burn fat, build lean muscle and sculpt. Photo courtesy of Burn Collective.

Pilates is worth it at Burn Collective, Honolulu!

“Burn Collective”, a fitness studio based in Honolulu, is a complete workout for the body and mind!

Health and fitness trends have taken off because of increased interest in physical and mental health. However, with countless workout centers and different types of fitness classes, it can be challenging to find an ideal place that works best for you. Recently, pilates has been gaining popularity, and part of it is because of celebrities and social media influencers.

Pilates is a low-impact, full-body workout focused on form and alignment to enhance strength and flexibility.. It is often performed on a mat or reformer machine. The machine resembles a matted bed with springs, ropes, and pulleys that slide back and forth with adjustable tension and resistance. Pilates is different from other workouts because it tones your muscles and gives you a tighter, more snatched look, while other exercises, such as lifting weights at the gym are best for increasing muscle mass.

The National Institute of Health did a study on pilates and found that pilates helps improve flexibility, balance, motor coordination, posture, mental health, and lower back pain. There are many pilates studios on the island, but one studio that deserves special attention is “Burn Collective.”

Burn Collective is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It opened its doors in January 2020 in Hawaii Kai and later moved its studio to Kahala about a year ago. The company has recently opened a second studio in Brentwood, California. According to the official website, Burn is a fitness and wellness studio offering group fitness classes in LED/NIR Red Light and Infrared Heat Therapy. Burn elevates fitness to the next level by applying scientifically proven technologies to customized fitness classes that equate to improved results and added health benefits.

Burn Collective and the “Burn Method” were created by Maria Chase. Maria developed the burn method through her personal experience, study of barre and bodybuilding. Her knowledge and understanding of body mechanics and design led to the creation of her two signature classes, BURN 45 and ISOburn. The burn method is what she calls, “Time under tension.” Time under tension is essentially training the muscle to absolute fatigue.

While BURN 45 targets the bigger muscles in the body, ISOburn targets tiny accessory muscles, creating a lean, tight, sculpted hourglass shape. ISOBURN is founded in pilates and barre and utilizes light, 1-2 lb weights, 1-5 lb ankle weights, mini loop resistance bands, sliders, and body weight. This class includes dedicated sections targeting the trifecta, arms, abs and ass.

What sets Burn workouts apart from other group fitness classes is how the instructors train to do the entire class with you from start to finish. While instructing, they are also queuing, watching form, and motivating members to push through. Additionally, the Burn studio is equipped with red light and infrared heat. The combination of red light and heat has numerous health benefits, such as increased detoxification and cellular recovery.

Malia, a client at Burn, explained why she loves working out at the studio. “Prior to joining Burn Collective, I tried so many different group fitness workouts. By far, Burn Collective’s method has not only given me results, but confidence as well. The results have been amazing. My body has gotten leaner and tighter. If you haven’t tried a class yet, sign up! Super hard; super effective!”

Jaime, another client at Burn, stated, “Burn Collective is my happy place. The workouts are the most efficient and effective that I have ever done. Burn collective is about total health. Healthy mind, healthy body, and a killer workout!”

Pilates and Burn Collective are giving people the results they want to see through dedication and hard work. As a result, their mental health and mood have also improved, upgrading their life overall. Burn is more than just a fitness studio; it is a community that creates a fun environment and helps motivate clients to be their best.

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